Lu Guofu Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog weight drop analysis

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we all know that the chain has a very important role is to attract the spider web access. My blog is very normal in the 51 before May Day because some things happened, so I have almost a week no sustained increase in the chain, (the one week did not do the chain), and my chain is a large part of the soft contribute to bring, but at that time, the chain in this area is blank, that is to say the chain of my blog was interrupted for more than a week time. Many people say that the website of the chain continued to increase, but I don’t have to, I think this is also a factor.

due to his blog exchange Links are exchanged and webmaster friends, so I seldom see their Links, these days when viewing, several friends site problems, always open, then I contacted the few friends, has canceled the link. The quality of Links is also critical, it is also one of the factors. So that everyone in the exchange Links, stable link is very important.

three Links

chain is less

My friend

blog for the convenience of the chain, so my blog is no increase in the nofollow property, after all, we are doing the webmaster, know outside the chain of hard work, so there is no nofollow attribute. As a consequence, outbound links too much, this factor is his guess, have not confirmed.

and everyone said, at that time a little thing, so the blog there for a long time did not write myself, that time is to complete the blog updates directly copied several articles, now think of regret, had to do so is not updated, because the search engines as soon as you feel your website content are repeated, so search engines will be on the site of the friendly degree of decline (of course, this is for the weight is not high site, because some large daily copy, also ranked as good). So the impact on my site in this aspect is very large.

latest snapshot of me this Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog No. 7 has been maintained in a week’s time, during which the published articles are not included, really tangled ah, the original snapshot is the next day, published articles do not say is the second, but will soon be included. But now everything has stopped. I checked my site IIS log, the spider or access normal, are 200 code, then what are the main factors leading to the present this phenomenon? Here is the analysis of Wuhan Shanghai dragon point on his blog at present the phenomenon of the possibility, at the same time I hope you can help me find the reason and solve it.

two less original content

so this article will analyze here, my days are good.

four blog

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