On the website of Shanghai Longfeng grassroots webmaster should be how to perform

2, Sina blog, love Shanghai, NetEase, space blog Hexun blog, blog, blog name with the keyword or enterprise is appropriate, can bring to the URL of the website included the comparison good blog can be updated daily an article, included for slow can be updated once every 3 days, with the blog article URL and keyword anchor points to the website.


Optimization of

for a newly started Shanghai dragon people, how to planning the site, how to do the site foundation is the key to optimize the website, what work needs to be done, how to perform, today Xiaobian to tell you.

Keywords: 3-6

blog: registered well-known high weight blog 20-30, for example, in the blog,


home page picture text above, how to make the best form of text. In order to highlight the key, to increase keyword weight function.

website optimizationKeywords:

image optimization: increase keyword density for all text images with the "ALT" attribute.

(1, 2 flat structure, aided navigation, breadcrumb navigation, navigation)

C, the chain

The site structure is reasonable planning of 1,

Forum: 3, registered high weight forum 20-30, every day to send some post with some proper URL, if you can bring the best keyword anchor text, or a web site with the signature in the forum, the forum included faster, updated daily five.

4, classified information: registry classification information website 20, according to each classification information website, the appropriate number >

Description: generally not more than 100 Chinese characters, generally 60 Chinese characters on it.

Title – the name of the enterprise (core location should not be too long, title length of not more than 30 Chinese characters, 60 characters)

B, the content of the website

station ", the page template, special template, template, channel page template.

page update module, for example, can be divided into "sensitive, acne, freckle, wrinkle" four plates.

site need to renew, to guarantee the quality of. The site updated daily number of articles without a specific standard, general every 2-3 original article can, but must pay attention to the quality of. The title of the article, the reasonable content into the keyword optimization to increase website keyword density, the key words need to be bold, can also be made to the corresponding anchor guide or channel.

core positioning key The increase of

A, website planning

Links plate, site map, do 301 redirection and 404 error page.

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