Winning website construction and optimization of offensive and defensive side stability

website construction and optimization of how stability? Generally understood as "stable operations", "maintaining stability, promote inclusion site stability". However, good stability can be controlled directly to itself, so how to see some hidden trouble to steady down? For example, the site was attacked, leaked data. I believe the way in the construction site, a little visibility of the site may be the black hats are not swept several times, even hundreds of times. Popular online "stop program with a database, but some sources of grey. The attack was a malicious competitor or getting a good ranking after the peak to server instability, bandwidth, resulting in reduced search engine on the web of trust, cause the ranking decline. In the face of these, therefore, the owners have to decide on what path to follow? Website construction and optimization to achieve the "attack and be Wenzhongqiusheng to avenue.


services is a small technology not only can not be put in place, indicating a 7*24 hour service, but how many can do? Take the money to show an impatient look, out of a push again. Quality assurance to the host or not, the system is being attacked, or is constantly changing the server IP, the hard conditions of the real strength of the service provider’s server Chinese is very strong, so if you have problems every day that finished early. Do not believe the so-called: no limit, no limit CPU IIS, unlimited bandwidth, it is impossible. A server with limited resources, you do not have to spend money out of a server, who will be happy to give you the whole server resources to use? In the choice of the domain name and do not attempt to covet cheap, cheap, although the current ownership of your domain name, but was quietly taking the value of the domain name registration transfer is not too small. Moreover, some of the domain name registration server providers also.

program and


construction of a development site don’t rough careless in the choice of program, many owners love early adopters in the program’s choice but ignore the stability. A program has many deficiencies in the development after the association, this time the early adopters also only stay in the trial stage, to be followed by extensive trial will gradually improve their own shortcomings. If only because the owners of fresh and choose to do stand it, then the way is likely to cause The loss outweighs the gain. hard cast to waste. The data is reselling, the program crashes are possible. We also talk about the template, can save the province is the basic criterion of grassroots webmaster. But if you want to make a profitable site I still do not promote the use of free templates, even if the first template does not have any problem being the use of tens of thousands of times, has a great impact on the "original". If the production of a template, but also enhanced the search engine friendly degree. Some people often have an ulterior motive, the weakness of human nature to find a breakthrough, after growing up on the site through the back door to do his own thing, the site did not collapse of itself defenseless.

The use of space domain name provider selection Win

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