Inert thinking hinder part of Shanghai dragon skills station

good thinking is half of our optimization success, facing the optimization theory gradually was familiar with the public today, the personnel engaged in network optimization more and more cheap labor cost, so many webmaster at the grass root level. The webmaster how to get their wages must first have their own talent shows itself, the characteristics of the network optimization, especially in technology are very common today are unique to > optimization skills

love Shanghai constant force in the search engine of reform, the Qihoo 360 turned out to Sogou, are harbingers of network optimization indeed ushered in a new change. Especially the growing online shopping market scale, search engine revenue continued to increase, a new search engine will bring more challenges to the webmaster. Some seemingly very diligent webmaster, finished in the graduation work every day, the Shanghai dragon is very thirst for new knowledge, the use of business time every day to go to the forum, browsing station network, in order to explore new knowledge. But they ignore a basic way, reference method, technology can learn, but the real Shanghai dragon skills are need to sum up their constant practice. Others seem wonderful analysis and summary, but also to expand our knowledge of network optimization, but the real people dry cargo that the more you can not really understand.

the webmaster every day is deep, both to enrich website content and release the chain, should pay attention to not only the snapshot update but also pay attention to the change in rank, it is necessary to analyze the source of traffic statistics and surveyed the page…… No, holidays and rest, sometimes have to update the article up cold morning. Pay attention to the website changes every day in front of the computer, pay attention to the latest trends of search engines, adjust and optimize the strategy of their own at any time. Especially in the first half of this year to speed up the search engine algorithm change, accelerate the pace of transformation of the webmaster, Shanghai dragon more difficult to do ideological work often appear in the forum.

the experience of others can touch the inspiration to us, can broaden our vision, we can make more use of optimization in the future. However, thinking formation, suitable for their own core optimization idea still need to practice mining, seemingly part of station every day is busy, but from the heart is not really busy. Optimization skills to have their own highlights of network, we should take the initiative to learn from the angle of thinking, the more you don’t have to remember, not to mention the use of. Some webmaster always excuse yourself tired, use the limited time in reading and others found optimization techniques are summarized, and do not say to your industry is not much help, long-term thinking is the result of laziness, we are accustomed to absorb other people’s brains marketing, not long-term training hard optimization ideas you can to. We know that thinking is the ability of understanding, comprehensive ability, proof strength and other elements of the judgment. It is the core of wisdom, participation and cooperation of all intelligence activities. Good optimization strategies must first have a thought, is our inspiration, violated the central command in our brains, continuous training thinking ability we need long time.


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