Province launched 2015 health education activities

In June 29th, a reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission was informed that, recently, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission jointly held the "Provincial Association for science and health education in Qinghai province in three linkage launching ceremony in the East Sea area of Ledu city center square, marking […]

The application of national public emergency warning system in our province

The national public emergency warning information release system in our province has officially put into operation since May 1st of this year, a variety of information to make full use of the system docking sites, mobile phone SMS, electronic display screen, big horn, WeChat, micro-blog released, released at the provincial level early warning information 35, […]

The Provincial Public Security Bureau Secretary Wang Xiaoyong attended and spoke

February 4th, the province’s Public Security Bureau meeting held in Xining. The meeting summed up the work in 2015, analysis of the current situation, arrangements for the deployment of the province’s public security work in 2016. Provincial Party committee Wang Xiaoyong attended the meeting and delivered a speech, vice governor Han Jianhua attended. Wang Xiaoyong […]

Xining East District, the third industry quality grades improved significantly

this year, East District of Xining to enhance the catering, accommodation, entertainment, business and other traditional services, so that the quality and level of the third industry has improved significantly, showing a trend of rapid development, has become a major channel for regional economic growth. this year, the district implemented a total of 24 investment […]

The provincial government issued the opinions to strengthen the work of intellectual property rights

to further implement the "State Council on accelerating the construction of intellectual property rights under the new situation of a number of opinions", give full play to the role of intellectual property rights in the protection of innovation and innovation. The provincial government recently issued the opinions on strengthening the work of intellectual property rights. […]

The theme of green carving let summer is amorous feelings

magnificent green ecological landscape sketch, flowers in full bloom, the beautiful summer, Xining impression as the theme of the design of large mosaiculture…… The summer of Xining, green Boulevard, a lot of different forms of gardening style and riotous with colour summer flowers and their distribution in East Street, victory road, Xinning Road, Jianguo Road […]

The provincial capital of 100% new residential property

The reporter learned from the Xining City Housing Authority housing security and housing development, "12th Five-Year" at the end, the implementation of Xining city property management area of 53 million 500 thousand square meters, the new residential property management coverage has reached 100%; 669 of the "three no" old Xining city hospital building through community […]

The sixth round of college students around the perfect ending

after three days of fierce competition, the sixth session of the 2016 round of the Qinghai Lake college students cycling race perfect ending. 113 athletes from the University of the 20 harvest here moved, leaving memories. yesterday in the third stage of the competition, the whole climbing can be said to bring college students limit […]

Xining City, the first introduction of incentives for outstanding research results can be awarded

In November 16th, the city held the first city’s political system theory retreats, study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, to further promote the research work of "quality, achievement", and constantly improve the level of political participation. The reporter learned from the meeting, I first formulated the survey results on incentives, research survey […]

Xining invested 5 billion 300 million yuan to promote the construction of water ecological civilizat

reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, since 2014, Xining invested 5 billion 320 million yuan to vigorously promote the construction of urban water ecological civilization achieved remarkable results. in Xining city since 2013 was identified as the national Ministry of water conservancy construction of ecological civilization city pilot city, closely around the "governance strategy, […]