Inert thinking hinder part of Shanghai dragon skills station

good thinking is half of our optimization success, facing the optimization theory gradually was familiar with the public today, the personnel engaged in network optimization more and more cheap labor cost, so many webmaster at the grass root level. The webmaster how to get their wages must first have their own talent shows itself, the […]

The new line January put the target keywords push on the front page

There is a list of         makes me very tangled, very surprised today, is a gaming network, this is no tangled promotion, resulting in betting types of sites are competitive in nature, love Shanghai search or gambling gaming network, the index is not high, a 700, a 300, but you will find […]

How to use the flow into the real sales

in the specific operation, the pursuit of precision flow, improve the quality of website visitors, and web design from the inside of all great efforts, efforts to carefully design, after the customer flow potential attracted, let them through this site have the desire to buy, and to facilitate sales reached. Specifically, we mainly do the […]

Winning website construction and optimization of offensive and defensive side stability

website construction and optimization of how stability? Generally understood as "stable operations", "maintaining stability, promote inclusion site stability". However, good stability can be controlled directly to itself, so how to see some hidden trouble to steady down? For example, the site was attacked, leaked data. I believe the way in the construction site, a little […]

The website is six K

1, the website included rate reduced by If many people have to prevent the site is k, but not quite understand what optimization method will cause the site was K. In this article I will experience to optimize the lottery website program introduced by the reason of K website. The content of is a new […]

How to add the DMOZ directory to get Google high weight

5, not just a list of keywords First we look at the description should be your company or organization to provide products and services of 3, the classification of the editor to retain your login category and content of the right to modify the transfer log 9, please use , a title and description must […]

How to optimize the B2C mall site type

In addition to (two) to optimize the content title. for the mall site, the content in the picture is indispensable. We all know that we are usually in the form of graphic to show the products, so that users can more clearly understand, but in the face of these images, we must avoid the optimization […]

Lu Guofu Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog weight drop analysis

Just A we all know that the chain has a very important role is to attract the spider web access. My blog is very normal in the 51 before May Day because some things happened, so I have almost a week no sustained increase in the chain, (the one week did not do the chain), […]