How to optimize the B2C mall site type

In addition to (two) to optimize the content title. for the mall site, the content in the picture is indispensable. We all know that we are usually in the form of graphic to show the products, so that users can more clearly understand, but in the face of these images, we must avoid the optimization […]

Dialysis site bounce rate, the quality of the page is very important

normally, in taking over a site optimization work, we through the website data on the site early diagnosis. Regardless of is the statistical data of Shanghai station love data platform or website itself, it shows us the only users of existing problems, how to solve the use or rely on our maintenance work. website ranking […]

How to do site optimization five website page design

Optimization of 4, Links control: in fact, here to talk about Links, Nanjing Shanghai dragon Iverson generally do not recommend new Links within 3 months, especially the portal site. If you do not Links words, Nanjing Shanghai dragon Iverson also suggest, a single page site, suggest related Links, portal column page can choose to do […]

An analysis of the most important achievements every webmaster step

1: analysis of the speed of the site a webmaster’s success is not absolutely accidental, may be accidental, but large part is to rely on their own out of step by step, the most important thing is to have the patience to do these things, Shanghai dragon is like this, to analyze some things every […]

Talking about lifting up the PHOTOSHOP forum.

turns around and starts to love PHOTOSHOP nets. URL: one, just interested in building PHOTOSHOP forums. remembers the time it was built, when it was interest. But I never thought it would cost so much space. And for me, it’s a big investment. , like many webmasters, needs investment, so he considers how to […]

A few tips, Baidu brings three thousand IP to my regional network

some time ago to do a local information network, I do is municipal information website, the network program, the site has just done just Mengjin with information, with nearly ten thousand, the result was only included hundreds of other information, are not included, do not know why included so little, later got a master asked, […]

Code semantics improves web site friendliness to search engines

in recent days with a snack in the studio station — leisurely Sky Studio (L-SKY.STUDIO) above, did not pay attention to it is mainly because customers are almost always from the line, a small goal is just to give yourself a space, "do it! Go home for more than 20 days, has been made team […]

Webmaster friend, when you most want to give up, please stick to it

doing web work is a tough business. When someone in the song when we study the template code in front of the computer; when others are sleeping, we update the site work. Doing a website is a long-term career, without a persistent heart, you are very difficult to succeed. When you most want to give […]

Talking about how to move to the mobile Internet entrepreneurs

  stationmaster, once a very honorable title, has become very hard. Before the webmaster, it seems that in some people’s eyes, is a versatile role: PHP, is the programmer; will DIV as front-end designer; use PS map, is a designer; pull point sponsorship and advertising, the primary salesman; analyze and formulate the website to, boy, […]