Taught you how to do site optimization scheme the preparatory work before the case

3, customer attitude to network marketing: attitude decides a lot, if the customer and investment, and to set up the team, but also the cognitive of network marketing, but the effect is very anxious, then we will have different treatment, to optimize the scheme quality from the website, network marketing program implementation efforts to only […]

Talent web site webmaster to understand the wisdom of its operation points

  compared to sell products, sell services, talent website is also a kind of wisdom export, webmasters have is not real, but one with skill and talent, how to build a bridge between applicants and demand, is a lot of talent website whether the website is to do the first point long term. After all, […]

Develop a good way to update your website every day

this is my second article to the webmaster nets, the first article by many websites, even ruthless. I will cut down, some directly put on their own, they become the original, ah, very helpless. All right, stop gossiping and go straight to the point. there are too many owners have had this experience, a website […]

Why stationmaster class website ALEXA ranks all round red

          ALEXA;       careful webmaster friends may find, recently, many webmaster class web site rankings greatly increased. But the rankings for other types of websites haven’t changed much. For this reason, I made a relatively comprehensive survey and found some interesting phenomena. I have to each kind of stationmaster […]

How should stationmaster choose a good domain name to do website

webmaster in website before, we need to consider the problem of the domain name is the website, the website domain name website directly affects the positioning of future development, so everyone in the domain name registration must be considered, I said some views her here, only for your reference. one   COM is undoubtedly the […]

What needs to be built from scratch

venture capital, this condition limits the desire of many investors eager to get rich. So more and more people choose to start from scratch. Start empty-handed not impossible, from business, can be called a miracle, and today, more and more people are eager to get the most output with less input, but not all people […]

Internet industry entrepreneurs should not have these qualities

no matter what the industry, of course, especially in the Internet industry, CEO’s position is very important, they grasp the direction of the whole company, once the direction is not allowed to grasp, it will produce a certain loss, what type of CEO is absolutely intolerable, see below. for a company, CEO is a very […]

Shame on junior students can earn millions

Zhengzhou University, Academy of Fine Arts, the school teachers and students are particularly familiar with a junior student, he is Zou Wei. Now has been the president of listed companies, the annual turnover of over a million, it is so that we have entered the community, but people feel ashamed of low wages, let us […]