How do I put a dead station a month do love Shanghai home

< >   you the webmaster, hello. I believe we are very concerned about a problem is how to put a dead stop by less than a month’s time to optimize the home page. I do Shanghai, although the time is not long, but not a short time, perhaps not as experienced as you, but […]

Google ranking algorithm to adjust the advertising too much will affect the ranking

two, the middle of the page to minimize the use of pictures, and write the ALT label. February 7th news, Google algorithm of the new adjustment, the main performance is: the first screen advertising content is too much, too little correlation between page ranking will drop, reduce weight. Google Chinese webmaster blog post said "some […]

How many know the website long tail keywords selection techniques you

A method of keyword through the video website keyword Taobao keyword how many friends have used? In fact, Taobao, there are a lot of necessary Amoy friends who do web site keyword sets, as shown above, if you want to do a summer dress website, so above all types of skirts are the focus and […]

Taught you how to do site optimization scheme the preparatory work before the case

3, customer attitude to network marketing: attitude decides a lot, if the customer and investment, and to set up the team, but also the cognitive of network marketing, but the effect is very anxious, then we will have different treatment, to optimize the scheme quality from the website, network marketing program implementation efforts to only […]

Shanghai dragon Er how to do site navigation optimization

The long tail word 6. sub navigation settings, set the sub navigation for site optimization, especially for some large sites, sub navigation settings reduce the number of site level, is conducive to the website. 4. search volume keywords location decision, anchor text navigation set keywords are valuable to, from left to right, the importance of […]