Novice reading site within the chain chain map is important

, a cast chain in fort. One is the chain is our every day Daogu backlinks, in the search engine looks more more backlinks to a site on behalf of the station at the other station in the position, reflected in the search engine is the level of weight. Weight is a very complicated parameter, […]

How to let the JavaScript script does not affect the Shanghai Dragon

All the factors related with the Shanghai dragon 1, "on both the expression of HTML, DOM was used to control effects. As long as all the factors associated with the Shanghai dragon HTML express, search spiders can crawl to the paragraph, which included the paragraph or according to the link to crawl, because spiders don’t […]

What are the benefits of original content

every day to adhere to the original website content of what is good, there are many webmaster think just improve your weight, increase the amount collected, but did not consider the user experience, but also did not consider the residence time, the number of users to scroll, reprinted many times, here is a detailed analysis. […]

Web site keywords ranking why suddenly drop How to prevent

4. note: website content website content quality depends on the quality of the site keywords ranking, good content can make it easier for users to search, and better reading and communication; but the poor quality of web content will affect the overall ranking of the site and quality, this will lead to bad site reputation […]

Site optimization should be the quality to win

The The chain need quality high quality articles without a doubt is the engine of love, the quality is high, Pastebin faster, compared to the same weight of the website, the better the quality of the site, the more of the collected, the same snapshot update also more quickly. But for a stable update website, […]

Shanghai dragon thought strategy to superior network

a superior online line before the Shanghai dragon is not a little effect at all? We did optimization for nearly a month, the anchor text blog forum normal Shanghai dragon, made some friends of the chain, the chain is relatively high quality station. Blog articles are original. There are a lot of high level forum […]

The fastest recovery dropped four points right website weight

: to restore the : if you change the title, then compare what is the difference between now and the title of the previous title, own a website has also changed the title, but the main keywords ranking did not disappear, then how to modify it? In fact, modify the title, every website needs modify […]