Snapshot update fast and slow four important factors

three, the original content of this is the most terrible problem. Because you have done all the work firmly, so it was a link to get awful, you say or life. This process is very simple, it is very troublesome, often check the snapshot, Links included, anti chain problem, if normal, then your website is […]

Dialysis site bounce rate, the quality of the page is very important

normally, in taking over a site optimization work, we through the website data on the site early diagnosis. Regardless of is the statistical data of Shanghai station love data platform or website itself, it shows us the only users of existing problems, how to solve the use or rely on our maintenance work. website ranking […]

The inside pages of 3K, 3L, 3T optimization theory

page in the main keywords are often only one, the words in the text in the middle at the beginning, the end must be at least 3 times, and there should be black. Of course, increasing the density of keywords in the page is a good way to love Shanghai for keywords within the page’s […]

The website of Shanghai Longfeng essential 10 soft writing style

The soft 1, a series of special soft this title gives people the feeling is generally positive, so many users are keen on such a title. For example, "to improve the readability of 10 skills", "hematemesis share 100 high quality the chain site", cleverly listed on their ads on this kind of soft Wen, note […]

Zhao Chun how about some search engine optimization in essence

the choice of keywords to the development of the website, I was in hospital, I certainly choose keywords medical network marketing related to do, and these words are in line with the user search habits. The main keywords on the home page and column, in the optimization of long tail keywords. 3, outside the chain […]

The new line is not in a hurry to site slowly

2, snapshot update slow just launched a long time without keyword ranking, regardless of how to update the article, how to release the chain, so it is a site construction company, my website is so, just on the line a few months are not ranked, and these words are cold in the door, not what […]

You may ignore about website anchor text in the role of the chain

first of all, from the perspective of finally, website content included angle increase from the angle of enhancing the user experience station to see their own point of view in the webmaster, we add anchor text links in the content for the construction of the chain of the site, but from the user’s standpoint, this […]

Not extremely excited to work with the Shanghai Dragon needle

this is what logic is this concept just like two parallel lines never intersect, become the occupation theorem? If this thinking mode successfully, but Hong believes that to raise the theorem that figure can definitely topped every annual economic figures leader. The number of state and government will solve the problem ah?! the staff employment […]