How to quickly improve the conversion rate and the rate of interaction so that more customers trust

Study on 1. free to send good interactive marketing with "personalization" marketing have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, interactive marketing is another kind of "one to one" marketing model. On 1996 Harvard Business Week reports, interactive marketing is a consumer can provide customized personal experience. From the past to today’s discussion of experience, ideal, […]

I talk about Shanghai Dragon Road from peak to trough.

second, have a grateful heart. Sounds seem to learn the truth in life. In fact, Shanghai dragon is the same reason. We are grateful if a product in the forum signature thanks XXX, I can cause the positive energy is gathered, we know that this is a good product good service, it was thanksgiving. first, […]

Shanghai Longfeng outside chain chain chain manual VS software

in fact, if you are in strict accordance with the rules of the search engine, the chain belonged to cheat, because the chain does not belong to the other website sincerely recommend, in fact the search engine optimization are cheating, but in the social background now, otherwise the search engine on the way out can […]

Shanghai Longfeng how their whereabouts in the invisible

we do Shanghai dragon, the fear is not a rival than our chain, not rivals of writing well, not a rival family resources. But opponents of the survey we understand we are not investigating the opponent did what optimization. Many websites look extraordinary. At the same time we disdain the landing love Shanghai Google query […]

Shanghai Longfeng development direction of mobile Internet, why

1, change of thinking. Thinking is the death of the fuse, if you do not change the thinking, Shanghai Longfeng staff never out of the limitations of the desktop. Looks very simple, just leave the table… But in fact, far more than these, do you want to do, you probably summed up the mobile Internet […]

Several key problems in the diagnosis of Shanghai dragon enterprise website

? ? asked: Shanghai ranked love what is the most important no news, usually only from online for articles, and then change, know the original article, but does not have that condition. How to solve the problem of : We performed according to your plan, after a few months did not achieve the desired effect, […]

The web site you want to have a better development that focus on user experience

whether it is any industry webmaster, are well aware of the importance of the Shanghai dragon optimization, Taobao customers in these industries in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the most significant, is that these Taobao guest relied on the most, a lot of Taobao, that station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is able, web traffic, snapshots, all […]

The two level domain name website chain exchange experience

I found in the process of website optimization, thinking is the most important, there are many theories online, and there are a lot of theories are contradictory, so many novice, including me, always feel very confused, at this time, you need to think for themselves, to practice, and there are many trivial work optimization. Need […]