The new line January put the target keywords push on the front page

There is a list of         makes me very tangled, very surprised today, is a gaming network, this is no tangled promotion, resulting in betting types of sites are competitive in nature, love Shanghai search or gambling gaming network, the index is not high, a 700, a 300, but you will find […]

How to let the JavaScript script does not affect the Shanghai Dragon

All the factors related with the Shanghai dragon 1, "on both the expression of HTML, DOM was used to control effects. As long as all the factors associated with the Shanghai dragon HTML express, search spiders can crawl to the paragraph, which included the paragraph or according to the link to crawl, because spiders don’t […]

Small picture station was Baidu included

said I was the most rookie level webmaster, not too much, my beauty picture station is not my own built. Say thank you to my friend here, and thank him for giving me so much technical support during his busy schedule. began to enter the theme, I heard that the site has to flow, […]

Seize the recruitment industry attributes, the correct operation of talent website

recently, the focus of the industry has focused on Sogou and 360 mergers and acquisitions, and for other types of Web sites is not enough attention, at least recently, the changes in talent website industry, we have not seen. May be their own is doing this line, so this industry is more sensitive, and then […]

Traditional enterprise transformation difficulties Give you four suggestions

twenty years ago, a lot of people on the Internet have a smattering of knowledge, think this is a very wonderful and very mysterious thing, but with the development of time, the Internet is gradually exposing the veil of mystery, while China has entered the Internet era. the essence of the Internet is to connect […]

Zero cost to make big data rich era of choice

electricity industry entrepreneurs are overcrowded, many novice entrepreneurs are targeting the potential market, so low cost through the era of big data, how to strike that wins, get amazing returns? The answer is to find a good project. online venture: logo design to make money

The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence in the catering industry

Xiaobian I heard some time ago a new term called AI, which is the meaning of artificial intelligence. The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence has been manifested in all aspects of our lives. The most obvious is the mobile phone, mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives. The arrival of […]