How to use the flow into the real sales

in the specific operation, the pursuit of precision flow, improve the quality of website visitors, and web design from the inside of all great efforts, efforts to carefully design, after the customer flow potential attracted, let them through this site have the desire to buy, and to facilitate sales reached. Specifically, we mainly do the […]

The website is six K

1, the website included rate reduced by If many people have to prevent the site is k, but not quite understand what optimization method will cause the site was K. In this article I will experience to optimize the lottery website program introduced by the reason of K website. The content of is a new […]

How many know the website long tail keywords selection techniques you

A method of keyword through the video website keyword Taobao keyword how many friends have used? In fact, Taobao, there are a lot of necessary Amoy friends who do web site keyword sets, as shown above, if you want to do a summer dress website, so above all types of skirts are the focus and […]

Shanghai dragon Er how to do site navigation optimization

The long tail word 6. sub navigation settings, set the sub navigation for site optimization, especially for some large sites, sub navigation settings reduce the number of site level, is conducive to the website. 4. search volume keywords location decision, anchor text navigation set keywords are valuable to, from left to right, the importance of […]

The ten are not easy to exchange Links.

Ten   : the first snapshot is not normal. The snapshot is the best overall performance data of the inspection site. Best is the next day, within three days of the time of the snapshot. If more than 7 days, or even a snapshot is long before the station, then you better not exchange, we […]

Enterprises should be how to build high quality original content

The author first this is very simple, I think a lot of friends all know, such as the station is a road sweeper, then in the Google search "sweeper" and then click on the left side of the translation of "foreign" came out, there is a lot of sweeper foreign related websites, in the inside […]

The Spring Festival to do business shops also need professional

if a store can grasp the opportunity of the Spring Festival, is undoubtedly able to make a profit. After all, the Spring Festival for the Chinese people have a special meaning, but also the major shops business hot time. In fact, if you want to do a good job in the Spring Festival shop operators […]