The website of Shanghai Longfeng essential 10 soft writing style

The soft 1, a series of special soft this title gives people the feeling is generally positive, so many users are keen on such a title. For example, "to improve the readability of 10 skills", "hematemesis share 100 high quality the chain site", cleverly listed on their ads on this kind of soft Wen, note […]

Shanghai Longfeng development direction of mobile Internet, why

1, change of thinking. Thinking is the death of the fuse, if you do not change the thinking, Shanghai Longfeng staff never out of the limitations of the desktop. Looks very simple, just leave the table… But in fact, far more than these, do you want to do, you probably summed up the mobile Internet […]

The web site you want to have a better development that focus on user experience

whether it is any industry webmaster, are well aware of the importance of the Shanghai dragon optimization, Taobao customers in these industries in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the most significant, is that these Taobao guest relied on the most, a lot of Taobao, that station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is able, web traffic, snapshots, all […]

Domain name is the coat of a website

first of all, we feel that the audience is relying on the search engine and domain name to understand the site first, I would like to last article on the "enterprise website, network marketing ""; first impression "". In the actual application of website domain name plays the role will be more and more important. […]

Shabu hot pot can provide support for franchisees

How can you miss the Chongqing hot pot in the hot pot brand? But then choose what brand of Chongqing Hot pot is better? Chongqing hot pot alliance? Shabu Shabu hot pot can give the support of what? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you. Shabu Shabu hot pot the company is a natural […]

Localization is the development trend of the website

previously, the industry has many experts have localized search targets, local search and online local advertising, such as a special discussion. This has a good reference value for businesses trying to attract local users and localize operations through the network. Even small businesses advertise on sites like Google. of course, the localization trend of the […]

What are the skills of the franchise franchise

dumpling is one of the main delicacy in our life, whether it is new or in the ordinary home cooked meal, is the public are very love to eat delicacy, large market, the price is not expensive, many consumers, open the store, easy money also has a guarantee. How to open a chain of dumplings […]

A penny reading club through reputation

in this one everyone business is to make money in, but still have a part of people, entrepreneurship is not only for profit, perhaps because of a kind of enjoyment, perhaps because the concept of a service, which has brought more new business ideas. For example, the hero of this article Zuo Guodong opened a […]